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Breaking News November 2:
Important Election Information
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Campaigns are about choices. On Tuesday November 5th, voters across our nation will go to the polls to decide who will lead our country.  Here at home, local races such as mine to remain your Solicitor, will determine who leads our community. Experience and Leadership are the key factors. I was a  federal prosecutor for six years where I brought charges against a crooked sheriff and corrupt businessmen who were sentenced to prison. As your state prosecutor for the past 19 years, I’ve continued to fight the  corruption of politicos and rogue law enforcement. I’ve fought to keep repeat violent offenders off the streets. Every day, I work with victims, advocates and other community leaders (regardless of their political leanings) so that we can keep safe. 



As we head toward the November elections, you will hear lots about the different races.  If real experience and real leadership matter to you, I would be honored to have your vote for Solicitor! 

Please click here for contact information if you have any questions. If you would like to show your support for my campaign click here and I’ll be sure to get you a yard sign. 

Please be safe, practice social distancing and be sure to keep an eye out for your neighbors and friends. These are challenging times that we have never endured but I have faith that if we look out for one another, we will be better and stronger than ever.


Thank you for your time and interest!


There are many ways you can help Solicitor Scarlett Wilson continue to keep our neighborhoods safe and fight for reasonable reform.
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