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For Solicitor Scarlett Wilson, the people of her beloved home state of South Carolina, have her heart. That’s because her roots here are deep—She was born in Hemingway, South Carolina.  She earned her undergraduate degree from Clemson University, and graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law. Since then, her entire professional career has been focused on one thing: ensuring that the criminal justice system is fair for all involved.  While Scarlett does not hesitate to seek harsh punishment for South Carolina’s dangerous criminals and repeat offenders, she recognizes that rehabilitation plays a key role in a safer community. Through this work, Scarlett has helped provide law enforcement and the courts more options when dealing with lower-risk, non-violent offenders while pushing to keep dangerous people behind bars. As she says, “We need to prosecute those who need to be prosecuted.  We need to grab the attention those who simply need our attention. And we need to have the wisdom and experience to know the difference.”  


“Much of my drive to make a difference comes from my family and my teachers growing up.  They instilled in me a sort of small town sensibility... a belief in doing what’s right, treating people fairly and standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves,” says Scarlett. “Crime victims need an advocate who will ensure justice is done in a way that keeps us safe but who also understands that there are people in the criminal justice system that simply need our help.”

Since becoming Ninth Circuit Solicitor, Scarlett’s schedule has been demanding. In addition to handling her own caseload, she analyzes and enacts office procedures and budgets while managing personnel. Her leadership and management style emphasizes innovation, teamwork, and communication.

“Innovation is the answer to a more fair and effective criminal justice system. Everyone here is focused on putting dangerous people behind bars and identifying those who need our help to be more productive citizens.  To do that, we are developing ways to share information faster and more efficiently. We have made diversion programs more accessible and free for indigent people. As the leader of the office, it’s my job to move the team forward—not only with the sheer volume of cases we prosecute, but also with the effectiveness and efficiency of how we work. We took a big step forward toward effectiveness and efficiency when I restructured the office so that prosecutions are community based.  And our data gathering initiative is among the best in the country that serves as a model for other offices."

As the Solicitor for Charleston and Berkeley Counties, my primary focus is making our neighborhoods safer in a fair and efficient way.  My service as a federal prosecutor, my experience as the Solicitor and my nationwide network of friends and colleagues in criminal justice has given me the ability to lead our team in pursuit of justice and responsible reform. 

Your Solicitor,

Solicitor Scarlett  A.Wilson

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